The Benefits of Non-Toxic Floor Polishing, Staining and Sanding—and Where to Find It in Cronulla

It’s a common conundrum among homeowners: you want to revitalise the look and feel of your hardwood flooring, but you don’t want to use toxic or potentially harmful materials to do the job. Unfortunately, many of the materials used to treat and maintain hardwood floors—especially for staining purposes—are not environmentally friendly. Indeed, standard acrylic stains or urethane stains can release volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) as they dry. These compounds have a slew of adverse effects, ranging from health problems for the humans and animals that breathe them in to overall air pollution.

So how can you maintain your beautiful hardwood floors without hurting the environment or putting your family’s health and wellness at risk? Give us a call at Country Colonial Floors. We provide services for hardwood floor polishing, staining and sanding in Cronulla. We perform all of our services using non-toxic materials, to ensure that you get the look you want for your hardwood floor without compromising indoor air quality. We also work with decks, bringing the non-toxic benefits of our processes to your outdoor hardwood as well.

About Our Dustless Floor Sanding Techniques in Cronulla

Using non-toxic finishes helps our floor polishing and floor staining services in Cronulla earn top grades for safety and sustainability. Another factor that sets us apart from the competition, though, is that we offer what is called ‘dustless sanding.’

Normally, when you hire a company for floor sanding in Cronulla, the sanding is just the first step of a total staining and refinishing process. To get to the point where the hardwood can be stained and darkened (if such is your wish), you need to grind the floorboards down until they look and feel like raw hardwood again. We accomplish this through repetitive sanding of the hardwood.

If you have ever sanded a piece of wood before, you already know how much sawdust the process can create. In a new home, this sawdust isn’t an issue. Your service team can finish the job and sweep or vacuum up all traces of dust before you move in. If you are having a floor sanding service done in your existing Cronulla home, though, the amount of dust created by this process can be a cause of concern. After all, dust from sanding can easily get into the air and cover everything in your home—from your carpets to your furniture to your dishes. Breathing in these microscopic dust particles also isn’t good for you.