Country Colonial Floors Provides Dust Free Floor Sanding and Non Toxic Floor Polish in Port Hacking

Country Colonial Floors is your full-service timber floor specialist. We have been servicing the Port Hacking area for twenty-five years. Our well-trained staff will come to your home or business and fully evaluate your wood floors and explain to you the options to reach your desired results.

The extent of the services required will be dictated by the condition of the floors and the processes needed to attain the desired results of the customer. If there is damage to the floors or if the floors are very worn, dust free floor sanding will likely be required. Whenever the finish of the floor is worn all the way through to the bare wood, sanding is usually required.

Port Hacking Area Dust Free Floor Sanding

When there is a determination that floor sanding is necessary, Country Colonial only performs dust free floor sanding. Sanding a wood floor creates a tremendous amount of dust. That dust is made up of sawdust from the wood, as well as the old finish, stain and other accumulation on the floor. Many companies have not invested in the state of the art dust free floor sanding equipment that we utilise.

Your floors may have been stained, finished with varnish, painted with lead-based paint or polished with toxic compounds decades ago. The harmful chemicals were not as regulated then as they are now. We did not know the adverse effects of many chemicals that were used for these processes years ago. By allowing the dust to travel through the air and into the environment and the rest of your house or business, unknown, potentially harmful chemicals could be released.

We feel that trapping and collecting the dust using a dust free floor sanding unit itself is safer and more environmentally responsible. It also leaves far less mess for the homeowner or business owner.

We Apply Non-Toxic Floor Polish in Port Hacking

Many timber floors do not need floor sanding. They merely need the application of a good floor polish. Many companies can apply floor polish. However, other companies cannot provide the professional level of service and a non-toxic floor polish in Port Hacking that we provide.

We avoid the level of toxicity and the environmental impact solvent-based polish by only using non-toxic floor polish. Country Colonial Floors is particularly sensitive to the environmental impact of harmful chemicals. We will not expose your children and pets to the risks associated with toxic floor polish. We use Bona products which have been a leader in the waterborne floor finishing industry since the 1980’s. They have continued to pioneer new technologies, and their products outperform solvent based flooring finishes, as well as most other waterborne products for durability and overall satisfaction.