Did You Know Dust Free Floor Sanding and Non Toxic Floor Polish Was Available in Caringbah?

Country Colonial Floors is your full-service timber floor specialist in Caringbah. We are a family business that has been locally owned and operated for twenty-five years. We pride ourselves in offering world-class results at an affordable price.

Dust Free Floor Sanding in Caringbah

We proudly offer dust free floor sanding using state of the art equipment. The dust free equipment significantly reduces the disturbance to the homeowner or business owner and is far more environmentally friendly. This process may be used on any kind of timber.

Many homes and businesses near Caringbah have Australian Cypress, Baltic, Kauri and Radiata pine floors. Australian Cypress is a very popular species for timber floors. According to BuildDirect.com, the botanical name for Australian Cypress is Callitris glauca. While a softwood, it is the only softwood which is harder than red oak. It is used in cabinetry, and because of its high resin content, is also used in heating oils and cosmetics. It is also known as Cypress Pine.

Country Colonial Floors are your Caringbah dust free floor sanding specialists for Cypress Pine.

As a complement to your dust free floor sanding, you can choose from a variety of non-toxic stains to give your floor an elegant look. Many varieties of pine turn a rich yellow over time when a clear coat is applied. While some customers desire this classic yellow pine look, others choose a darker colour stain, resembling oak or walnut. That stain can then be followed by a non-toxic finish and the application of a non-toxic floor polish.

We Apply Non-Toxic Floor Polish in Caringbah

Everyone wants beautiful floors that radiate and shine with a fantastic polished finish. Many companies can apply floor polish. However, other companies cannot provide the professional level of service and a non-toxic floor polish in Caringbah as we provide.

A significant issue with floor polishing is the level of toxicity and the environmental impact of the polish. Because we are in the business of working with natural wood flooring, Country Colonial Floors is particularly sensitive to the environmental impact of harmful chemicals. That is why we only use non-toxic floor polish and stain in all applications.