Floor Polishing, Sanding and Staining in Sutherland Shire

There are essentially three elements to making your floors look spectacular. They are polishing, sanding and staining. Many timber floors merely look dull and tired having lost their sheen and lustre. If there is no other damage to the floor other than a dull finish, the floor may just need a professional polishing. If the floor has other damage, such as nicks, scrapes or dings, it may need to be sanded. If you wish to change the colour of the floor, then you need floor staining.

Country Colonial Floors Offers Floor Polishing in Sutherland Shire.

Country Colonial Floors is a locally owned and operated family business. We have proudly been serving Sutherland Shire for twenty-five years. We pride ourselves in offering world-class results at an affordable price.

Just like the wood furniture in your home, the luxurious, clean shine comes from a good polishing. We provide a dust free, non-toxic floor polishing to rejuvenate your Sutherland Shire floors to their original shine. Country Colonial Floors uses only non-toxic waterborne polishes that are not only safer for your family and guests but also healthier for the environment.

Floors Need More Than Just Polishing? Country Colonial Floors Provides Floor Sanding in Sutherland Shire.

If your floors have some damage, such as scrapes, dings or dents, or if the finish has worn all the way through to the bare wood, they may need a good sanding. Sanding may also be necessary if there has been water damage or some flooring has been replaced or otherwise repaired.

Sanding any wood product produces sawdust and sanding an entire floor generates a tremendous amount of sawdust. There are two options for dealing with the dust when sanding a floor. One is, sanding the floor and then trying to clean every room and item where the dust has settled. A better way is to collect the dust right from the floor as it is produced, utilising the same machine that is removing the damaged layer of timber. That is how our dust free sanding machines work, collecting the dust at the source, before it becomes airborne and travels all over your house. We feel this is the best way to provide a quality, hassle free service to our customers.

Once the imperfections and old finish have been sanded from the floor, a new non-toxic finish and polish can be applied.

Are you unhappy with the Colour of Your Floors? Country Colonial Floors Provides Floor Staining in your Sutherland Shire Home or Business.