Let Our Floor Polishing Service in Port Hacking Treat Your Floors

Country Colonial Floors is a locally owned-and-operated flooring company that has been in business for the past 25 years. Our architects, interior designers, builders, and renovators will listen to what you want and work to meet your demands. Whether your floors need to be sanded and polished or restored, we are there for you. Our floor polishing service in Port Hacking can sand, stain, and polish your floors to give them the appearance that you’ve always wanted. We offer environmentally friendly techniques that are non-toxic and effective.

Improve Your Flooring with Our Floor Sanding Service in Port Hacking

Our polishing and sanding techniques can change any type or colour of floor to match your tastes and preferences. In fact, you can completely restore any room of your home or business with our help. We can do it all from sanding to finishing your floors at an affordable price, providing world-class results that will surprise you but won’t break the bank. Our premium services range from floor sanding, staining, and polishing so that you can enjoy the look of your new floors for many years to come.

Not only do we work on interior floors but we will even work on outdoor flooring like decks and patios. In fact, our floor sanding service in Port Hacking will completely restore the look of your deck with ease, and if your flooring is a light colour that easily deteriorates, we can solve the problem for you. When we stain, polish, and finish your floors, you can rest assured that the results are long term. We can change any flooring from a light pine appearance to a darker and fancier appearance that will add a touch of elegance to any room or outdoor area.

Renew Your Floors with the Help of Our Specialists

We specialise in timber floor staining that can completely rejuvenate the condition and appearance of your flooring, giving them an entirely new look. Our team knows how to create a stained floor in the tone that you have imagined, and once you tell us what you want, we will get to work right away staining your floors without having to do any construction work. In fact, we do not even remove and restore your flooring but enhance their condition by using safe and environmentally friendly techniques that make it look like you just had new floors installed. With us, you can save time and money on floor maintenance without having to call construction specialists to do all the work for you.

Even if you have light pine or timber floors but want to make them darker, our floor staining service in Port Hacking will come to your rescue. We can answer all of your questions and improve your floors with simple floor staining techniques. Our specialities include producing brilliantly dark coloured timber floors in the exact shade that you want. No matter what you want, we will make it happen just for you. Obtain the flooring services you need at the most affordable rates around.