Need Floor Polishing, Sanding or Staining near Caringbah?

Country Colonial Floors is a locally owned and operated family business. We have proudly been beautifying floors for twenty-five years. We pride ourselves in offering world-class results at an affordable price.

If I Have Floor Polishing near Caringbah, Won’t it Be Messy?

No! Country Colonial Floors specialises in polishing your Cyprus pine floor to its original lustre using polishing techniques that rely on non-toxic materials and dustless technology. We take every precaution to minimise any disruption to your home or business while our work is completed in a prompt, professional and courteous manner. If you need floor polishing around Caringbah, call Country Colonial Floors.

Dustless Floor Sanding in Caringbah

Country Colonial Floors offers premium dustless sanding. We have all heard horror stories about friends or family having their floors sanded and then cleaning up the dust for months. That situation is no longer acceptable or necessary with our dustless technology. We realise that you take the same pride in your home that we take in our work. We won’t leave you to clean up dust from the rest of your house when your floors are finished.

What if I Want to Change the Colour of My Timber Floors?

We provide premium floor staining in Caringbah. Country Colonial Floors can alter the colour of your floors utilising non-toxic stain. Many species of timber yellow over time when a clear coating is used. We can stain your floors anywhere from a light tone all the way to very dark. We can make your pine floors look like another species with a dark stain. If your yellow floors don’t match the décor of your home, change them! Jealous of the exotic species floors in your neighbour’s house, make your pine floors look like them with stain.

How Do I Know If My Floor Needs Polishing, Sanding or Staining?

Many homes and businesses near Caringbah have Cypress, Baltic, Kauri and Radiata pine floors. We will inspect your floors and recommend whether you need floor polishing, sanding or staining. We will explain those recommendations and help you decide the most practical and economical way to restore or change your floor colour to rejuvenate your home or business or more closely match your décor or personal taste. If you have an Interior designer, we will work with them to match their ideas and accomplish your design goals.