Wondering Where to Find Dust Free Sanding and Non Toxic Floor Polish in Miranda?

We proudly offer dust free floor sanding in Miranda using the best state of the art equipment. We feel that our customers deserve the best service and the best equipment. It is our belief that combining the best-trained staff with the best equipment equals a quality experience for our clients. Our dust free floor sanding equipment significantly reduces the disturbance to the home- or business owner and is far more environmentally friendly. This process may be used on any timber floor species.

Floor sanding is necessary when there is damage to the surface of the floor such as scrapes from moving furniture, dents from dropped objects, water damage, etc.

As a complement to your dust free floor sanding, you can choose from a variety of non-toxic stains to give your floor an elegant look. Many varieties of pine turn a deep yellow over time when a clear coat is applied. While some customers desire this classic yellow pine look, others choose a darker colour stain, resembling oak or walnut. That stain can then be followed by a non-toxic finish and the application of a non-toxic floor polish.

We Apply Non-Toxic Floor Polish in Miranda

Nothing impresses guests to your home like beautiful floors that radiate and shine with a fantastic polished finish. Many companies can apply floor polish. However, other companies cannot provide the professional level of service and the non-toxic floor finish in Miranda that we provide.

Most floor polishes are solvent based. The largest issue with floor buffing is the level of toxicity and the environmental impact of the polish. Because we are in the business of working with natural wood flooring, Country Colonial Floors is particularly sensitive to the environmental impact of harmful chemicals. That is why we only use non-toxic floor polish and stain in all applications.

We feature Bona products, which provide superior results and are non-toxic. Bona finishes are waterborne finishes that have far less impact on the environment and are much safer than solvent-based finishes. Bona introduced their first waterborne finish to the market in 1980 and remains at the leading edge of timber floor coating technology.


Using waterborne polish is not only environmentally friendly in a general sense, but is also healthier for your family, customers and pets. Toxic cleaning and polishing ingredients can cause various health hazards. Some can cause skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes or chemical burns. They can also cause cancer or hormone disruption. Country Colonial Floors cares too much about our customers and employees to expose them to these risks. We also care about our planet and our communities. This is why we are the leader in Miranda for non-toxic floor polish.

For Miranda dust free floor sanding or non-toxic floor polish contact Country Colonial Floors at 0411 35 44 11 today.